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We brought authentic Montessori education to China. 
Showed the world our method on World EXPO Shanghai 2010
Montessori + bilingual education + Multi-culture course = A world Citizen

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Opera Nazionale Montessori

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Freesoul International Kindergarten is funded by Shanghai Montessori Education Group, an education group with expertise in the investment of early childhood education,research and extension of Montessori education.

Freesoul International Kindergarten is committed to providing your children with a way of learning in our international environment which encourages their natural curiosity. Freesoul focuses on child-oriented progressive Montessori approach. We emphasize cultivating citizen’s awareness, respect for kids’ natural psychological development as well as arousing kids’ desire to describe the world in their eyes. It not only gives children the opportunity to put textbook knowledge to practice but also learns a way of life. Freesoul offers a subtle blend of freedom with rigor. Freesoul designs its course for the children aged from 2.5 to 6 years. We do not offer regular classes but Montessori courses where children learn by themselves and master the basic skills in daily activities. Everything happens naturally in the bi-lingual environment. Freesoul merges natural environment with learning one. We set up an exclusive plantation for our children. Incorporated nature studies into the different subject areas and based on the subject content, children may engage in cooperative learning activities in the natural study area.

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